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Claire Flanagan 2013 - 2017

Working at Academia Anjo for those four years was easily the best experience of my life. At first, I found the idea of moving to another country extremely daunting, but Angela quickly put my mind at ease. She was extremely supportive and  because of her extensive knowledge, I learnt so much from her about classroom management, appropriate activities for each age group and exam preparation - in all honesty, I learnt more from Angela than any of the TEFL courses I've done. 

The two schools in Burela and Foz are well equipped for any teacher, the students are provided with level and age apppropriate material and there is a wealth of flashcards, games and books to help plan effective lesson plans. Angela genuinely cares about the development of her teachers and so she provides regular feedback for teachers from the students and parents - this feedback helped to boost my confidence and the constructive criticism and advice helped me to become the teacher I am today and I will forever be grateful to Angela and Academia Anjo for that.


Stella Tsolakidou  Academic year 2017-18

Working for Academia Anjo was a fantastic first-time experience in Spain, since it provided me with additional vocational and cultural experience to further pursue my career in ESL.

Angela is a very supportive and well-prepared director, offering her guidance and expertise at all times. She provides detailed guidelines on teaching materials and is always eager to aid the new teachers in and out of the classroom. I’ve had the opportunity to work with students of all levels, gaining valuable insight into the workings of classroom management strategies and exam preparation. The weekly meetings are organized on a personal level, allowing for direct communication and the possibility to voice any queries.

Charlie’s experience in the Cambridge exam suite has enabled me to become fully aware of the different parts and requirements needed to teach at an advanced level. He is very meticulous about his work and engaged in guiding the new teachers through one-on-one sessions, which offer great room for ESL development.


Nina Czeszejko  Academic year 2017-18

Angela is a great employer to work for, constantly offering help and structured aiding materials. All coursework is supported by her unit notes and a thorough oral programme, which helps greatly with students’ language acquisition. It enables the teachers to monitor their pupils’ progress in great detail. I value my time spent working at the academy greatly, as it has provided me with valuable work and life experience.

I would highly recommend coming here, especially since the teachers are provided with excellent accommodation and assistance whenever needed.


Also, Burela is a quaint place to live in, inhabited by warm and welcoming people. The scenery and slow pace of life provide a relaxing atmosphere, as well as the opportunity to explore nearby towns and cities.


Filipa Coreia  Academic years 2015-16 & 2016-17

"I loved my job at Academia Anjo as I've never loved any other job before. Angela is an amazing person to work for, kind, understanding and a great mentor. At Academia Anjo I had the opportunity to grow at both a professional and a personal level - I learned how to plan lessons well and how to manage a classroom...and Angela always made sure the students respected the teachers. Everything was provided, notes, translations, grammar packs, interactive material to work with the younger students, etc. The students loved Angela and the school, and when they came in you could see that they were extremely motivated and eager to learn. 

Living in Burela was also a lovely experience, the people there are welcoming, kind and very helpful. The town may not be big but the beaches nearby are beautiful - in Burela I made lots of friends and some of them are just like family to me."


Chantelle Toner  Academic Year 2013-14

"Academia Anjo was my first significant teaching position and it was by far an excellent experience.  The school was incredibly organised, clean and there was always help whenever it was needed. Both Angela and Charlie have extensive hands-on experience which proved to be invaluable to any newcomer to the ESL profession such as myself.  As a teacher, I knew what was expected of me and was given clear guidelines and help to ensure I delivered my lessons successfully.  Classroom management is always a necessary skill and when in need, Angela was always on hand to help.  Outside of the classroom, Angela is particularly conscientious and willing to take time out of her day to help you. This meant that working there did not really feel like I was doing a job so much as doing something that was enjoyable.  The children there were another perk as they have a very Galician sense of humour and can be hilarious at times.
Living in Galicia is quite literally amazing. Although the towns are rural and peaceful, the people are so friendly and will happily give you a ride to the nearest cities for a day (or night) out.  As a city person, rural life was actually a blessing in disguise because I made some amazing friends, had some awesome experiences and gained a lot of invaluable teaching experience. I would fully recommend Academia Anjo for any teacher."




Melissa Sheridan.  Academic year 2012-2013

"I had a great experience working at Academia Anjo last year, both personally and professionally. It was my first teaching job in Spain and was a great learning experience. I got the opportunity to work with kids of all ages and levels, which was really rewarding and interesting.

Angela is an understanding and helpful employer who gave us lots of help and advice throughout the year, and helped us find our feet when when first moved to Burela."



Lisa Quilty.  Academic year 2010–2011

“I taught in Academia Anjo from September 2010 until June 2011 and whilst here I gained an invaluable teaching experience with a very wide ranging age group. It was a fantastic school to start my teaching career in.

The help support and encouragement that I received was unbelievable. From notes, to translations, to disciplinary issues I always knew that there was back up if it was ever needed. I am so grateful to Angela and Charlie for providing this. I learned so much about classroom management, about teaching itself and about children. I have only the fondest of memories of my time in Acadmia Anjo.

I am currently volunteering in a local primary school as I hope to pursue a Postgraduate Diploma in Primary Education in the new year. My time in Academia Anjo helped me realise that teaching was without doubt the career for me.”


Julia Dennis.  Academic year 2008-2009 

"Teaching at Academia ANJO was both a privilege and a wonderful experience.  Angela has an orderly approach to the curriculum of each class, facilitating lessons that both engage students and promote English language interaction. 

The support given to teachers is unmatched and the concern for the development of the students is the top priority. 

Students at the Academia are eager to learn and practice their English skills.  The success of the school is found in its clear vision, quality teachers, and motivated students!"


Pamela McGauran (née Bourke).  Academic year 2003-2004

As part of my co-op year in my 3rd year of my bachelor’s degree in Mary Immaculate College, I was required to undergo either a year of study abroad or a work placement. Having taken two modules of TEFL as an elective subject for one year in my 2nd year, I thought I was more or less an expert. How wrong I was.

I pursued a placement abroad teaching English as a foreign language, and Spain was my first priority in choice of country. The college placement office put me in touch with Academia Anjo and the rest as they say, is history.

From the outset, Angela Ball was professionalism personified. Following my telephone interview, Angela recommended three books with which I should be making myself familiar with between that time and commencing my placement with them: Michael Swans 'Practical English Grammar', and Raymond Murphy's 'English Grammar in Use', both at Elementary and Intermediate level. To this day, I still have these texts in my ensemble!

Upon arrival in Ribadeo, the owners of Academia Anjo, Angela and Pepe Goyos, were superb. Both were very experienced and their different styles of teaching complemented each other very well. Having worked in the TEFL industry for 10 years myself, I feel that employer-employee rapport is essential and Angela could write the book on it. Her feedback on our teaching was great. I got off to a bumpy start, my two semesters of TEFL back in Mary I now feeling obsolete. However, during my first month at their Ribadeo centre, Pepe would talk me through all the points that I needed to improve on every day after class. It is not always easy to phrase criticism to a teacher who is starting out, but I always felt that the positive and negative points were balanced and I was always engaged and motivated to improve on my lessons. Teaching a monolingual group can be daunting when your knowledge of the language is minimal, but Pepe taught me every trick in the book, and I built up a plethora of strategies and reward systems for encouraging 'English only' once in class.

During my time in Ribadeo, I taught Elementary to Advanced with everything in between. Angela also introduced me to the PET and FCE exams and I delivered the material to two groups during my time there, an experience that would prove invaluable when I applied for my next job in TEFL.

Angela's prior preparation and planning around each unit of the textbooks used was second to none. For each unit, she had created a grammar and vocabulary guide as a precursor to each page. I will never forget the diligence and effort that went into those notes and I have not seen anything like it since, in the many colleges and centres that I have worked for over the years.

Due to the nature of the academy, it means that the teaching hours are afternoons and evenings. I expected to have to contend with tired teenagers and cranky children who had already spent a day at school. The children and teenagers who attended Academia Anjo never failed to astound me as, particularly, the children, lined up outside the class, jumping up and down, excited to get started. Their enthusiasm for the class and their co-operation and participation all made my experience a really unforgettable one. I was heartbroken saying goodbye to each and every one of my classes!

Teaching English as a Second Language is such a great opportunity to see the world, meet people from all walks of life and widen your perspective on life. Academia Anjo gave me such a solid foundation in the subject that I went on to live and work in Japan, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, Australia and Scotland. In every job interview I attend, I always begin by talking about my time in Academia Anjo, where I arrived, like a blank slate and left after only a year, feeling like I had acquired years of knowledge and experience from my mentors.  

I would highly recommend Academia Anjo to any aspiring young teacher who wants a local, personable teaching position and would like a truly authentic experience of Spanish life.”


Edel Demsey.  Academic year 2003-2004    

(Currently living in Ireland and working as a primary school teacher in County Kildare)

"On the 5th of September 2003, I began an adventure of a lifetime in a beautiful Spanish town called Ribadeo. I was nineteen years of age. I had always wanted to be a teacher and Angela was providing me with an opportunity to experience life as a TEFL teacher during my off campus year of my B.A. Degree.

Given my age and lack of experience, I was a little overwhelmed on arrival, especially given that I had absolutely no Spanish. I worked closely with Angela in the towns of Foz and Burela. I worked with children as young as seven years and prepared sixteen year olds for Cambridge First Certificate English exams. Angela provided unit notes for each level, with Spanish translations where necessary and pointers to make our teaching and classroom preparation easier. 

Working with Angela provided me with a solid foundation in a teaching environment. Angela is a true professional. Angela is approachable and provides constructive feedback. As well as having a professional approach towards the teachers, Angela is a kind, warm hearted person who is caring and interested in the well being of her staff. Ten years later, I am a primary school teacher in County Kildare, Ireland. I believe it was the support Angela provided me as a first time teacher and the confidence she instilled in me at such a young age, that made me strive to be the teacher I am today."

Edel Dempsey

Helen Raine (née Leach).  Academic years 1994-1995 / 1995-1996

(Currently working in Hawaii as a freelance writer, mainly travel, environment and women's issues)

“I worked at Academia Anjo for two wonderful years. It was a great experience to immerse myself in Spanish and Galician culture in a friendly town where it was easy to make friends. As well as getting some solid teaching experience, I also learnt fluent Spanish from scratch.

The school was well organized and teaching was made simple with Angela's notes and consistent syllabus. Small classes of students really helped.

Angela was great to work for and happy to help with any problems. I can't recommend it enough."


Helen Raine