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Academia Anjo has been running as an effective and reputable English centre for thirty years. Throughout this period of time it has adapted to the growing necessity for English to be an important factor of every child’s education. English will be part of their future, given that it is now the language for global communication and will open many doors to their academic and employment prospects.


As an experienced English language teacher who clearly sees where the world is heading in linguistic terms, I am acutely aware of the need for our students to be exposed to a wide range of English varieties.


Gone are the days when the then labeled “BBC English” was the only accepted role model to follow. While it indeed continues to be a perfectly acceptable form of English, it is nowadays more of a social accent spoken by a minority and has been somewhat relegated to the wings on the world stage where many other English varieties are now “the norm”.


I would like to point out that no standard form of the English language is superior to any other. Professional linguists are in complete agreement on this and this is what I teach my students. Languages are “alive”, they develop and progress in accordance with time. A simple example of this would be to compare the English language of William Shakespeare with that of the present day 21st century. They are worlds apart. Our children need to be aware of this.



For this reason, I expose my students to different kinds of English –British English and its regional varieties, Irish and American English, Canadian English - to name but a few.


We are definitely moving towards an International form of English and in preparation for this, any child who studies the English language today needs to receive instruction and information as to the ever expanding vocabulary and idiomatic expressions used at both an academic and colloquial level in our present day world. This is what we do at Academia Anjo.



“What we learn with pleasure we never forget” (Alfred Mercier”)



My aim is to engage our children in productive, pleasurable learning. I believe that any true educator receives gratification when a child learns and progresses through his/her teaching and that the sole objective is to pass on as much information as we can to our students in the most interesting, dynamic and entertaining way possible – adapting such information to their abilities and needs.



At the same time, the main word they must learn is “respect”. In order for any educational institution to work, participants must adhere to the essence of respect and we take the time to teach children that the necessary environment for positive learning is that in which we all respect one another. This is a vital factor in our teaching approach as I consider it to be a necessity for any human project to be successful.



We also make the children aware of cultural differences regarding English speaking environments and teach them that learning a language is also learning a “new way of life”. It opens doors to new ways of thinking, behaving and how people in different parts of the world live differently to people here. This in itself is an enrichening element of our teaching approach.



I have designed a specific methodology unique to my centre and one which is the result of years of observing how children learn. It is introduced from the very beginning at a preschool level and continues into the primary stages.

It mainly consists of teaching children all the functional language concepts which they are familiar with in their mother tongue, according to their age, and bases itself on an English-only approach with plenty of “recycling” and daily reinforcement.

The learning environment provided must be an extremely  organized, caring and rewarding one, given that young children need to feel safe and secure.



Older students are gradually introduced to the four skills which are present in any language (reading, writing, listening and speaking). I consider it very important that learners develop all four skills as their future may lead them to spend time at an English speaking university or institution, seek employment for an international company or simply have to read academic journals through the medium of English and  it goes without saying that none of these skills can be overlooked.



Once students embark upon official external examinations, they are carefully prepared and oriented. The programme they follow is conducted by the director of our Cambridge ESOL examinations projects. He is a highly qualified professional within the field of English teaching , certified by Cambridge ESOL and Trinity College London and takes our children to the highest possible levels - results being impeccable with regular 100% pass rates.



I would like to stress therefore that Academia Anjo is definitely an English centre in touch with the world as it stands at present. A centre whose moral approach is grounded upon mutual respect and which intends to expose all its students to the fact that by learning English, not only do we prepare ourselves for our future but we also become aware of many cultural differences existent throughout our world.



I hope that being part of our English learning experience will help your children to develop both academically and personally and that we can make their learning pleasurable and productive. They will be made most welcome and I will ensure that their time spent with us will be fruitful and productive at both an academic and personal level.


Thank you

Angela Clare Ball  / Director Academia Anjo